Add a Photo Booth to Your Next Corporate Event

Increase Your Brand Exposure

Photo Booths are a unique and fun way to engage with your staff and customers. Increase your brand exposure by adding your corporate logo to photographs, and encourage your customers to share your message by posting their images on social media.

Branded Photo Booths

The Branded Pixel is a premier digital marketing and entertainment company. We can customize our photo booth with your message so that your customers will associate your brand with a positive experience.

Social Media

All of our Photo Booths are digital, which makes it easy for your customers to share their fun images to social media. Imagine having customers enthusiastically spreading your message via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Your investment in a Corporate Photo Booth at your next event will continue to pay dividends long after the event is over.

Branded Prints

Our Photo Booths allow your customer to take away a fun keepsake that will remind them or their positive interaction with your company, and the photos are fully branded with your logo and message for a continued impact.

Data Collection

Our custom software affords several opportunities for you to collect useful data about your customers; data that you can use for additional marketing opportunities.

A Photo Booth is a fun yet subtle way to remind your customers of your corporate brand, and encourage them to share your message with their friends and family.

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